Bruno Mars: The Lazy Song [Official Alternate Version]

Actually the first time I hear this song. Good Vid. Enjoy. [edit] Checked the original version of this video and I have to say I like the Alternate Version more, haha.

Drake on "The LeBrons" (Video)

Drizzy doing some voice over work on the animated show about "The LeBrons"

Curren$y vs. Narduar: Pt.2 - Return of the Nard!

This interview took place in Vancouver following up their interview at SXSW from before . Jet Life... hahaha

Nicki Minaj: Did It on Em (Video)

Well not much to explain here. Lil Kim had a song over the same beat with the same flow with much more horrible lyrics... besides that Nicki has been doin her thing. She never fails to express herself in whatever way she wants to, so ... Enjoy.

Young Jeezy: The Real Is Back (Mixtape:DJ Drama)

So, this is the cover to Jeezy's new mixtape: The Real Is Back. Does this mean we will see TM:103 anytime soon? Well maybe since Big Sean has confirmed a mixtape before his album, and we used to see it with Weezy. Although, Thug Motivation:103 has been pushed back like crazy... could be due to Gucci's popularity as of late with Waka Flaka, but hopefully the tape is to show Jeezy hasn't lost it. Enjoy.



Video Preview: Bad Meets Evil “Fast Lane”

Sorry for the late post, saw this on twitter a couple of hours ago. Anyway. #TeamShady all the way ever since the "Marshal Mather LP" days. I'll probably end up buyin old albums before this one, but hey this is still Shady, and he'll always get a post, haha yea you can call me a Stan. Actually, Royce isn't that bad now, I'm just not a huge fan of his yelling/rap approach at times. Hell: The Sequel comes to stores June 14th.


Arsonist: I'mma Show Em

Wordpress deactivated my blog so I moved here. To start, Arsonist I'mma Show Em. I used this song because it's gonna take alot more than deactivating an acct for me to stop blogging.