Soulja Boy: My City & Swag Daddy

Looks like Chris Brown isn't the only one making a comeback. Honestly tho, Soulja Boy hasn't been on my radar since Crank Dat, haha but since these tracks seemed to appeal to alot of fans... welp, enjoy. Links from Soulja Boy... when they break, they break.

Soulja Boy - Swag Daddy
Soulja Boy - My City

Frank Ocean: Thinking About You

I feel like this replaced Marvin's Room need for an R&B joint, haha no disrespect to the song, but I personally have listened to Marvin's Room a few too many times considering the amount of time it's been out. Anyway, cool song from Frank Ocean, can't wait to see what the tracks off Watch The Throne sound like. Enjoy.


Drake: Headlines

Newest leak from Take Care released by OVO I like this. It's alot more upbeat than the last leaks... enjoy.