Curren$y: You See It

Spitta released this over twitter yesterday, unfortunately no DL this time folks. Pre-orders are available of his newest project WeekendAtBurnies . FYI, if you preorder the bundle you get a green grinder too, haha.


Curren$y: 16 Bars

I saw a Wiz freestyle floating around Twitter; I'll see what's good with that. Haha, anyway Spitta gave a pretty decent freestyle imo. Sorta in the same style as that Hot97 freestyle with some bars off his recent project Covert Coup. Anyway, Enjoy fellow Jets.

The-Dream: Body Work & F*ck My Brains Out

So I've been a fan of The-Dream ever since his first album with "Shawty is da Sh*t" , haha. In my opinion, some of his songs are misses, but when he comes through I find myself listening to the songs time and time again. He's definitely for the R&B crowd. Enjoy.


Drake: Marvin's Room

Photo props to OVO "Another piece of the story." Drake dropped this via his own blog. His mediafire link has broken since the release. But you know, the internet has its ways. I enjoy it thoroughly, hope you do.


Dom Kennedy: Grind'n [Video]

Saw this on 2dbz and it caught my attention. Mainly because it was produced by Cardo and it kept sending me Wiz vibes, hahaha. But seriously, Dom Kennedy has been goin to work and I respect that from people...even if all I can think about is another rapper that belongs on your beat, ha! Anyway, hope you Enjoy.

P.A. TEEZY: "BennieBiggleWiggle"

Okay, so this guy has been on my radar for a bit. But I only recently had the chance to listen to it. Sort of a catchy kind of song and the video wasn't too bad, considering the kind the major people are putting out. Another kind of song you can dance to, whether or not you actually know how, haha. But honestly, I saw the first part of the vid and decided to give this guy a chance, hopefully you will too. Anyway...

Here's the stream and DL. Enjoy.